Aubrey, Mollie, Mac (top) Arlan, Stevie (bottom)

I am a maker of reclaimed wood landscapes, deep thinker, & writer living in Eau Claire, WI with my wife and family. My studio is based out of our midcentury home, and my work is represented in galleries across the Chippewa Valley. 

Art is a powerful medium for storytelling. Every good story embraces the restoration of what should otherwise be lost. Art can anchor us to those transcendental values of goodness, beauty, and truth found right here on the earth around us.


Artist Facts

Favorite Authors: Steinbeck, Thoreau, Henri Nouwen

Childhood Home: Tremont Bottom, LA

Favorite Place: Black Mountain, NC

Favorite Artist: Erin Hanson (painter), Van Gogh

Hobbies: Writing, Fishing in rivers

Personality: Enneagram 3w4, Meyers Briggs INTJ