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A.D. Hogan

House Plants

House Plants

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"I've been waiting for years to have some of A.D. Hogan's art on my walls. It feels good to finally have a piece in my home. I couldn't be more happy" - Laura H.

Step into a lush botanical paradise with this captivating 16"x20" canvas board painting! Created using heavy body acrylics in an impasto style, it beautifully portrays a collection of house plants, each one bursting with vibrant colors and life.

The canvas board offers a solid yet versatile base for this botanical artwork. Sturdy and sizable, it ensures durability while providing ample space to showcase the intricacies of each plant. Whether hung as the centerpiece of a room or elegantly framed, this piece brings the vibrant charm of house plants indoors, adding a touch of natural elegance and vitality to any space.

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